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A-1 - Garry (Yosemite Sam)
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 2:04 PM
A-2 - Denice
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:47 PM
A-3 - Chris
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 5:50 PM
A-4 - Richard
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 2:11 PM


C-1 - Marie
On time
Updated: Feb 13 at 9:31 AM
C-2 - Annette D
On time
Updated: Mar 14 at 12:44 PM
C-3 -Debbie W
On time
Updated: Mar 14 at 12:44 PM

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Alumni Basketball Tournament

Enter as a team or as an individual player, there will be some 3 on 3 format as well as some full court play to sort out the Men's Champions. 3 or 4 Captains will select their teams from all those playing in the 3 on 3 and then compete to be Alumni Champs on the full court 5 on 5. The Women's Division will be organized by Leanne Price and Jessica Warr and they were hoping to play full court 5 0...

Europe trip for high school starts Wednesday March 30

Participants will meet a  couple more times at lunch hour before departure. See Mr Huddle for more info

Sportsman Dinner May 31, 2018

Individual tickets 50$, or tables for 400$   We have currently sold 3/4 of the tables available

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