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A-1 - Garry (Yosemite Sam)
On time
Updated: Oct 17 at 5:43 AM
A-2 - Denice
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:47 PM
A-3 - Chris
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 2:27 PM
A-4 - Thomasina
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 2:27 PM


C-1 - Marie
On time
Updated: Nov 19 at 7:02 AM
C-2 - Annette D
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:20 PM
C-3 -Debbie W
On time
Updated: Apr 16 at 2:58 PM
Transportation Reminder |

Transportation Reminder

Registration for bus transportation for the 2016-2017 school year is currently underway. You may register your child online for transportation at: and click on the Transportation Department link (the big yellow bus).

Who should apply for transportation?
• New Kindergarten students that live in excess of 1.2 km from their designated school
• Students that are changing schools (for example current Grade 6 to Jr High) & live in excess of 2.4 km from their designated school
• New students attending a GHSD school for the first time
• Students that have moved (or will be moving) and have a new address
• Students in Strathmore that live between 1.2 and 2.4 km from their designated school MAY APPLY for transportation as enhanced service is offered. Please note that this is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Students MUST ride the bus in September to ensure that they have a seat.
• Students attending a School of Choice (Rural & Urban) must reapply annually
• Students that will be picked up/dropped off with a Care Giver must reapply annually

Forms for School of Choice riders and Transportation to a Care Giver can be downloaded from our website. Please scan and email or fax the form to our office as soon as possible to ensure that a seat on the bus may be assigned.

Rural students (and urban students that live in excess of 2.4 km) that are currently assigned to a bus route DO NOT need to apply for transportation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at transportation or by phone at 403-934-5121 ext. 2001

Once transportation has been assigned, you will be contacted.