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Acme School Library Bloomin' Baskets Fundraiser

Acme School Library Bloomin’ Baskets Fundraiser Spring is fast approaching and it is the ideal time to start thinking about beautifying your home. Our annual Hanging Basket and Drop in-container fundraiser is here to help you!! Thank you for your support in the past. 12" Hanging Basket - Sun Cost: $35.00 12" Hanging Basket - Shade Cost: $35.00 14" Hanging Basket - Sun Cost: $39.00 14" Hanging Basket - Shade Cost: $39.00 12" Drop-In Container - Sun Cost: $35.00 12" Drop-In Container - Shade Cost: $35.00 Please check beside your choice You may order these plants online by going to or by returning this form. Payment can be made online or you may send a cheque, payable to Acme School, to cover the cost of your order. The money raised this year will be put toward purchasing books for the library. Orders will open on March 20th and close on April 24th. All plants will be delivered to the school on June 1st. Thank you for your continued support. Brandy Rose