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UPDATE November 25 - Provincial Health Order |

UPDATE November 25 - Provincial Health Order

Dear Golden Hills Parents,

Following the Premier’s update last night and a new Health Order, Golden Hills’ schools have begun planning for the shift in learning that will occur for junior and senior high students next week.

Starting Monday, November 30Grades 7-12 students will be moving to learning at home for the next 3 weeks until Christmas break.  This learning at home will be different from what some families experienced last spring.  Teachers are planning to cover similar amount of school work for the at-home learning as we would if we were still attending school.  Students will have the same expectations for participation in virtual classes and classwork at home as they would during normal in-person school experiences.  Over this next week, teachers will be planning for the start of these classes that incorporate virtual connections and daily opportunities for support and continued learning while at home.  More details will be available by the end of the week.

For our Kindergarten to Grade 6 students,  we plan to continue with in-person instruction in schools, and our buses will continue to run normally until our scheduled Christmas break.

After Christmas break, for all grades, classes will resume on January 4, 2021.  From January 4 – January 8  all students, K-12,  will be learning at home for that first week after Christmas break.  Currently, we are planning on a return to in-person classes for Monday, January 11, 2021.

More information about at-home learning will come directly from your child’s school and teacher.

While we still have a ways to go, we are hopeful these new routines will allow for a safe and healthy holiday season.

Thank you for your support during these challenging times. 

Bevan Daverne
Superintendent of Schools


*All diploma exams are optional for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  Students and their families can choose whether to write an exam or receive an exemption for the January, April, June and August 2021 exams.