Current Route Status


A-1 - Garry (Yosemite Sam)
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 2:04 PM
A-2 - Denice
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:47 PM
A-3 - Chris
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 5:50 PM
A-4 - Richard
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 2:11 PM


C-1 - Marie
On time
Updated: Feb 13 at 9:31 AM
C-2 - Annette D
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:13 PM
C-3 -Debbie W
On time
Updated: Feb 12 at 6:11 AM

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News Stories

Sportsman Dinner May 31, 2018

Individual tickets 50$, or tables for 400$

Alumni Basketball Tournament

Enter as a team or as an individual player, there will be some 3 on 3 format as well as some full court play to sort out the Men's Champions. Hope to have a Rec division, a Male and Female division of play. Contact Mr Huddle

Acme Hot Lunches

HOT LUNCH ORDERING Thank you for your patience and understanding as we tried using Cash Online for our hot lunch orders.  We have decided that at the beginning of the New Year we will be returning to  We will be doing online ordering for all orders to ensure accuracy with the orders and to make the process as easy as possible for everyone. Here's how to get started......

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